Riding the Universe
By Ann
May 1, 2009 - 11:24:02 PM

Chloe Rodriguez loves her adoptive family and her beloved Harley which she inherited from her uncle.  She enjoys driving it around town and tinkering on it with her best friend, Rock.  When her grades start slipping, her parents figure the only way to get her to focus is to take her Harley away.  So Chloe finds herself taking tutoring sessions with Gordon Spudinka, a handsome boy who has great ambitions.  Can she focus on getting her grade up without having Gordon for a distraction?

RIDING THE UNIVERSE reminded me so much of high school with the grades, the boys and the drama.  Chloe figured she had her whole life figured out but when her uncle died, she begins to wonder about who she really is.  Being adopted, she is curious about herself but also has to focus on the present.  She doesn’t want to lose her privileges even if it means extra tutoring.  I liked how she goes from being so focused on herself to finally seeing what was truly in front of her.  She was constantly chasing a dream when all of her answers were at her fingertips.  She just needed to grow up a little to see what is there.  RIDING THE UNIVERSE is an intelligent story that leads a young girl on a road to her own discovery that she never knew she needed to take.

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