Right Here, Right Now
By Rosie
Feb 15, 2008 - 12:01:00 AM

“It’s not you, it’s me.” Those were the last words Gabrielle Pearson wanted to hear on her date with sexy Reed Larkin. While she was busy thinking up ways to rip his clothes off during the main course, he was fortifying himself with lame lines to use to dump her before the dessert course. When Reed tells Gabby he’s dumping her because she’s not exciting enough for him, that’s when she really loses it. Instead of stabbing him with a fork like she really wants, she dumps her glass of red wine on his head and makes her grand exit.

Reed is an undercover operative who’s been assigned to get close to Gabby in order to get information from her that she may not even know she has. When things get a little too dangerous, he decides she needs to get out before she gets hurt. Unfortunately, ten minutes after he breaks up with her, his handler tells him Gabby does have the information they need and Reed only has one day to get back into her good graces. After her explosive reaction to him dumping her, he’s hotter than ever for the lady and it isn’t her good graces he wants to end up in. The only place he wants to be is in her bed. Gabby doesn’t want anything to do with him and he can’t blame her for it. But that won’t stop him from trying his best to end up right where he wants to be, between her sheets.



They say breaking up is hard to do but maybe they should change that to making up, especially if you only have one day to do it. A cross between ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ and ‘True Lies,’ RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW is the perfect blend of suspense and comedy. Gabby and Reed are made for each other. Misunderstandings abound for these main characters, giving you non-stop banter which is hilarious and sex scenes that scorch your fingertips and singe your eyebrows. Throw in the rag tag sidekick friends who are a must to any great romantic spy story and you have a comedic caper that’s priceless beyond words. HelenKay Dimon has comedic timing down to a T that starts from the first page and carries on till the end of the book. I loved every page of it and, of course, hope with all my heart that there is a sequel.

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