By Trish Lasha
Jun 11, 2003 - 12:18:00 AM

When you pick up a Lori Foster book, you are guaranteed a delicious, sexy, and scorching read.  Not to mention, loads of tenderness, and a sense of knowing the characters like they are close family members.  Riley is no different.

Regina Foxworth, is a sassy reporter for the town of Chester.  But she also hides her passionate nature under a "no sweat" facade,  but Regina needs protection, and protection comes in two forms for her.
Riley Moore is tough, dedicated, and one heck of a self-defense instructor, with a gorgeous body, and spirit to match, Regina is helplessly drawn to him.  Ex-SWAT Riley wants nothing more than Regina, with him, around him, at all times.  Sure he desires and wants her in his bed, but for all time?  Her protection is key for him, and he cannot let her get away when for once he's got her where he wants her, in his bed.
Butch, who is Regina's other form of protection, will have your sides hurting at his antics, by the time this one is over.  And anyone who thinks 4-pound chihuahua's are not protection, needs to pick this one up!
Ms. Foster has the skills and talent to keep you reading all night long, and she also has another winner on her hands!  Combining her fabulous "Flow" to any story, makes you wish the story was neverending, and loads of humor, tenderness, and heat as well add to the charm of Riley.  Fans everywhere will consider this a treat, and definitely a scorcher!  Enjoy!

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