Riley's Baby Boy

Author: Karen Rose Smith

Publisher: Harlequin Special Edition

Release Date: July 24, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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For most of his life, Riley O’Rourke’s family and the MacDougalls have been bitter enemies. As a result of a business decision made by Angus MacDougall, Liam, Riley’s father, lost his restaurant. Shortly afterwards, Riley’s mother left and his father began drinking excessively. Things had been rough for Riley and his siblings. Then in high school, for payback, he had started secretly seeing Angus’ daughter, Brenna, but it was not long before he no longer thought of payback when he was with her. By the time they graduated, he had wanted to take their relationship public, but instead, she had left him to go to New York and design bridal gowns. Between his mother’s betrayal and Brenna’s he could no longer trust women. Not long after Brenna’s desertion, he had joined the Marines. By the night of the last high school reunion, he was out of the service, a decorated hero. Seeing her again at the reunion, the two had hooked up again for one night and haven’t seen each other since.

Brenna MacDougall has loved Riley since high school and could not resist him at the last high school reunion. When she graduated, she had felt torn between standing by her parents and being there for Riley. However, she knew he did not trust her and feared that he was only dating her to get back at her father, so she had decided to go to New York to pursue her career. Now she is a well-known designer of bridal gowns and very much in demand. But the one night spent together after the reunion resulted in a pregnancy, one she had not even told her parents about.

When Brenna shows up at Riley’s door with their six-week-old son, Devlin, in her arms, he is shocked and demands a paternity test. However, deep down he knows that Devlin is his son and he requests that Brenna stay with him so he can get to know his son. As they try to keep each other at arm’s length, they struggle to overcome the chemistry between them and do what is best for their son. Can the birth of their son be the beginning of the end of the bitterness between the two families?

RILEY’S BABY BOY, the fourth book in author Karen Rose Smith’s REUNION BRIDES series, is a heartwarming, passionate contemporary romance that is sure to touch your heart. Set in Miner’s Bluff, Arizona, this series centers around couples attending a high school reunion. Fans of this series will have the bonus of being reunited with the characters from the previous books in this series. As for Riley and Brenna, after spending the night of the reunion together, they each go their own way. Due to their past relationship, neither one is very trusting of the other. So he is surprised to see her on his doorstep again. Despite their differences, these two make an ideal couple. The chemistry between Riley and Brenna is off-the-charts, but can they get beyond the hurts of the past and learn to trust each other for their son’s sake? As this story draws to a close, it hints at a conflict between another couple, Noah and Katie, which I believe is leading up to the next novel in this series…one that I look forward to reading. Packed with passion, emotions, single parenthood, clever banter, complex, realistic characters, family dynamics, romance and love; this is a book you will hate to see end. After reading this novel, readers may understand why Karen Rose Smith’s books are consistently on my ‘must read’ list. Do not miss RILEY’S BABY BOY! I highly recommend this winning tale!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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