Rinaldo's Inherited Bride: The Italian Brothers
By Nadine St. Denis
Aug 17, 2004 - 6:19:00 PM

***image2***Alexandra figured that she would clear up this inheritance business, briskly and efficiently and be out of Italy and back in England with her fianc é , within a couple of days. What she got instead was a magnificent home with the most breathtaking scenery she has ever seen, owned and loved by two passionate brothers. One is kind and lighthearted. The other is dark and brooding. As she finds herself being drawn into the passion and drama of Italy, she also finds herself falling for the one brother who works the hardest at pushing her away.


Rinaldo is no stranger to hard, biting pain. But the thought of losing his precious land to a foreigner is unconscionable. As he spends more and more time with the cool beauty, he realizes that she is also as fiery as any Italian. He is drawn to her against his will, but his strong Italian pride doesn't know how can he properly love this woman that he is indebted to?


RINALDO'S INHERITED BRIDE by Lucy Gordon is a wonderful novel that gives the reader all the necessary ingredients for a truly satisfying romance. You can't go wrong with Italy in the summertime, and a passionate Italian hero!

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