Ring Around My Heart
By Teresa Henson
Aug 23, 2004 - 7:02:00 PM

Alexandra (Alex) Hayes is in desperate need of this job. She needs to prove to her ex that she can support their son without him. She has the help of her very eccentric aunt, whose antics sometimes give her cause to question her sanity in trusting her son with her, but actually, she is a blessing in disguise. Alex has gone into business for herself, as a publicist, and her first client, of all things, is a wrestling promoter. She doesn't know a thing at all about wrestling, but she is determined that she can do the job; the pay is more than any sane person could refuse! After all, how hard could it be to do an image makeover?

She isn't counting on Loverboy Luke. Luke is considered the "bad-boy" of wrestling and is determined to protect this image. He needs the money his reputation earns, and he has a personal reason no one knows about for needing it. Besides, after his past, he really does think he is a "bad" person. He has made up his mind that there is no one on earth that is going to change him - change will cost him his income. Being bad pays very well.

When Luke sees who his promoter, Cosmo, hired at the urging of a secret, silent partner, he is almost at a loss of what to do, but quickly makes up his mind that it doesn't matter. She doesn't recognize him and that is all for the good. He will just have to put a check on these feelings that keep trying to resurface for her, they are no use for him now. Easier said than done, when all he has on his mind is her...constantly, and at the most inopportune times. So, he makes up his mind to make her think the worst of him. That shouldn't be too hard, she is already half-way there.

Alex has a feeling that she's met Luke somewhere before, but discounts this feeling, since she knows she would remember meeting someone that looks as delectable as him. Too bad he has such an inflated ego, and is so much a ladies man that he makes even Cassanova seem bashful, and is so arrogant! Or is he? In spite of everything, she is absolutely determined that somehow, no matter what it takes, she is going to succeed - her career depends on it.

RING AROUND MY HEART grabbed me in a headlock and held me down for the count until I reached the end. All right, I couldn't resist the use of the terminology, but seriously, this was a very engrossing and humorous story that kept me smiling and chuckling until it's end. Both Alex and Luke are keeping secrets from each other, and putting on quite a show of being who they "aren't" that I was kept guessing who was going to blow it first! Both of them have a lot of pain they are trying to live their lives around, and both had a "mission" to accomplish, but with very different ways of doing it. Full of fun and colorful secondary characters, Ms. White has created a story that aficionados of romance and wrestling, not to mention comedy, will undoubtedly love. I can only hope that Ms. White will have more books with wrestling hunks after this one, they are such a delight to read!

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