Twelve Quickies of Christmas - Ringing in the Season
By Dina Smith
Jan 22, 2004 - 2:00:00 AM

After seventeen years it seemed Traci Campbell’s marriage was about to fall apart. Traci loved her husband Rick just as much now as the day she married him, but it seems like he never has time for her or their kids anymore. Traci still could not believe he had actually went to work on Thanksgiving Day. There was a lot of other people that could have handled the problem, but Rick insisted he had to go himself. On top of all their other problems it has been four months since they have made love. When Traci confronted Rick about their problems he said he would make more time for them, but now it is only two days until Christmas and nothing has changed, or has it?

When Traci walks into her house the first thing she notices is how quiet it is, and it has been cleaned. When Traci walks into the dining room she notices the wonderful aroma and on the table was her favorite meal. Sitting on the seat was a flower box and an envelope with her name on it from Rick. This note was only the beginning, as Rick takes Traci on an erotic treasure hunt down memory lane.


RINGING IN THE SEASON is book five of the Twelve Quickies of Christmas by Ellora’s Cave. As Traci goes on her treasure hunt and discovers all the presents that Rick has left for her, any reader will be wishing they could go on their own treasure hunt. Rachel Bo has written a highly erotic and incredibly HOT read that left me breathless.

NOTE: This title is available in the print anthology THE TWELVE QUICKIES OF CHRISTMAS - VOLUME 1

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