Risking Her Heart

Author: Liz Allison & Wendy Etherington

Publisher: HQN

Release Date: October 1, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Mixing business and pleasure is not something Rachel Garrison wishes to pursue even if the man in question is to-die-for gorgeous. He came very close to ruining her brother’s NASCAR career. What better reason to avoid him on a personal level?

Even though Rachel Garrison thinks Parker Huntington is drop dead gorgeous, she has no intention of allowing him into her life – at least not on a personal level. She still blames Parker for almost ruining her brother’s career. That, in itself, is unforgivable.


Parker Huntington is determined to have Rachel in his life on his terms whether or not she’s willing to admit she wants him. He does have an ally or two on his side in the form of Rachel’s assistant, Carmen, and her brother’s fiancée, Isabel.


Rachel Garrison manages her family’s NASCAR racing team. There’s little time in her life for anything else. On the non-racing front, she’s trying her best to get her brother’s fiancée to agree to shop and plan for their wedding. That leaves little time to deal with Parker. Plus, he’s known for dating one pretty woman after another, his ego is too big and he’s the team sponsor. Plus, he dresses too well, drinks wine rather than beer and doesn’t mix well with the guys in the shop.


To please Rachel, Parker lets his hair grow, learns to drink beer and make friends with the team members. The total change in the man fascinates her but is it enough to make her drop her guard and date him?


Things come to a head when Carmen discovers that a large amount of money is missing. She shows Rachel her findings and there’s only one person she trusts enough to help her – Parker. Will he work with her and keep everything a secret until they discover who’s taking the money.


Parker has problems of his own. His lifestyle and method of doing business don’t conform to his grandmother standards. Between helping Rachel discover the embezzler and the slights from his family, he can barely keep his head above water. On top of everything, to get her way and keep Parker in line, his grandmother asks the board of directors to oust Parker.


Rachel’s life is chaotic on all fronts. To cap it off, her father has realized his mortality and left her mother. He now dates girls in Rachel’s age group. Mother isn’t happy at all.


RISKING HER HEART is the second book in the Garrison family saga by Liz Allison and Wendy Etherington. I’ll definitely have to go back and read the first one, NO HOLDING BACK. Together this duo has written a story that’s not only funny, it’s sad, and the reader adopts a love/hate relationship with a few of the characters. The tension between Rachel and Parker is very well done.


Only a dire emergency can keep me away from the television between February and November when the men of NASCAR take to the track. These ladies know the sport so well that you can visualize everything they write about the men and women of NASCAR. Whether you’re a race fan or not, these ladies give you a great read.


I highly recommend RISKING HER HEART. Definitely goes on the Keeper Shelf.

http://www.lizallison.com; http://www.geocities.com/wendyetherington/

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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