Risking It all

Author: Stephanie Tyler

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: June 1, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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When Rina Calhoun sees footage of surfer John “Cash” Cashman, she knows it is perfect for her extreme sports documentary.   Trouble is, the photographer neglected to have Cash sign a release form, without which the film is useless.   Rina’s entire career depends on this documentary and there’s not much she won’t do to make it legit.   It isn’t long before the two share a heated night together, but Cash was gone when Rina woke in the morning.   Rina went on to her next assignment and couldn’t be more surprised when she’s sent to film a documentary for the Navy and Cash is assigned to be her escort around the base.  

None of the SEAL team is overly cooperative with Rina, insisting on total anonymity for all of them.   Cash never dreamed he would have the feelings for Rina that he did, but they were there staring him in the face and he would just have to deal with them.   Cash soon discovers that there are painful issues from his past he must come to terms with before he can consider a future with Rina.


Rina and Cash are perfect for each other, something that readers will realize long before Rina and Cash, guaranteeing a fun ride.   Stephanie Tyler has written a touching romance with spark and sizzle that is easy to recommend.   Ms. Tyler’s previous Blaze, COMING UNDONE, first introduced Cash and made readers want his story to be told; his story was well worth the wait.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Laurie

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