Risky Intentions 2
By Suzie Housley
Aug 21, 2015 - 4:09:04 AM

Marcus's life seems to be going in the right direction.  He has a job he loves, an apartment that offers him the home he has always dreamed of, and the perfect woman by his side sharing all of it.  Unbeknownst to him his perfect world is built on fragile glass.

Brianna is hiding secrets from Marcus.  If it is revealed she knows that it will destroy their relationship.  Will the past surface to the future and destroy a love that was meant to be?  Or will their love weather all storms for it is one that is everlasting?

RISKY INTENTIONS 2 is just as riveting as RISKY INTENTIONS.  Marcus still has that irresistible charm that captivates his audience.  I was impressed with the level of suspense and emotional impact this book offers.  Once again, S.M.K. Knight has proven that RISKY INTENTIONS 2 has a strong voice in the romance world.  After reading both of the RISKY INTENTIONS books I am convinced this author puts her readers pleasure first in creating each one of the books in this series.

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