Riverside Park
By Roberta Austin
Mar 10, 2010 - 4:10:16 AM

The residents of Riverside Park have to be fairly well off to afford to live in that area of New York, but they each have their own unique issues that can't always be fixed with money alone.

Cassy Cochran has created a media empire, but true love has eluded her. She is on her second marriage, which everyone thinks perfect. Cassy finds love in an unexpected way and wonders if she can live a lie and keep a secret that might destroy everything she has worked to build.

Amanda and Howard Stewart have been very happy with family and work, but things changed after 9/11. Amanda and the children live outside of New York City. The separation and extra household take a toll on their finances as well as the stability of their marriage. They will have to make some hard choices if love is to survive.

Rosanne DiSantos is not sure if all her hard work to have a better life will make her happy. Being a single mother has brought its own set of struggles.

Celia Cavanaugh is pretty and privileged, but her bartender job and its inherent lifestyle has led to some poor choices. Can she get her life back on track and find a long-term purpose.

Sam Wyatt is proud of his beautiful daughter Samantha, but she has looked for love in the wrong place and must deal with the consequences. Can Sam help his daughter make the right choice for the future and preserve their family?

The novel takes place over a relatively short period of time, but it is rich in detail. The characters are well crafted and believable. Readers will will be able to relate to the universal issues dealt with in this though provoking tale. Ms. Van Wormer has written many other novels and some of the characters from RIVERSIDE PARK appear in them.

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