Rock Hard
By Ann
Mar 24, 2015 - 9:35:58 PM

Gabriel Bishop is a fixer.  Hired to fix retailer, Saxon and Archer, he is a larger than life man nicknamed T-Rex.  He won’t take any prisoners and cannot stand fakes.  With all of the busy comings and goings, the one thing that intrigues him is Charlotte Baird.  On the outside, she seems like a fragile piece of glass who will break next to this force of nature.   But Ms. Baird has a few tricks up her sleeves.  This little mouse may just stop the elephant in his tracks if he doesn’t watch his step.

ROCK HARD is the latest offering in the ROCK KISS series which brings two opposites together and makes it work.  On the surface, Gabriel and Charlotte seem like they have nothing in common.  He is this confident alpha male who knows what he wants and how to get it while she seems scared of her own shadow.  Yet as I continued to read, I could see that Charlotte has a hidden backbone that just needs to be brought out by the right person.  She has overcome so much but with Gabriel and her friends, she can become the person she was meant to be.  Gabriel is scarred from his youth and all of his decisions are based on his painful childhood.  Charlotte helps him see that if he doesn’t face his past, he won’t be able to move forward towards the future.  ROCK HARD takes place at the same time with ROCK KISS so readers don’t necessarily have to read the books in order but it may help to get the full enjoyment of the series.  As always the characters are flawed but endearing and the secondary characters help to bring out another side of Charlotte and Gabriel.  Overall, I feel that ROCK HARD is a book for someone who wants to read something different from Ms. Singh and the ROCK KISS series will not disappoint with its contemporary flair.

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