Rock Courtship: A Rock Kiss Novella
By Ann
Oct 16, 2014 - 12:31:55 PM

David Rivera is the drummer of Schoolboy Choir and has earned the moniker of Gentleman of Rock because of always wearing tailored suits and ties. Behind the tailored suits hides a sexy rocker who wants just one woman, Thea Arsana, his publicist. The problem is she has just broken up with her cheating ex-fiancé and has one rule of never dating her clients. How can he convince her to give him a chance? When her sister Molly gives him a suggestion, it’s either brilliant or destined to fail but what does he have to lose. So the war of words is about to begin with delicious results to follow…

ROCK COURTSHIP is a dazzling follow-up to ROCK ADDICTION and so different than the first novella. David is shy and introverted compared to Thea. He is probably the quietest but most adjusted of all his bandmates. I loved how Ms. Singh talked about how all of them met, their backgrounds and David’s roots. Thea’s fears are well founded because of her own broken relationship with her ex-fiancé and her upbringing but she takes a leap with David. The best part of the whole novella is the memos. If nothing else I would read them over and over and just smirk. When an event threatens to tear them apart, they have to see if their relationship can survive the lies to make it to the other side. I am curious to see if Abe and Noah will get their own HEA. I hope they do because they are closer than brothers and they all deserve a bit of happiness. I can’t wait to read the next ROCK KISS novel.

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