Rock Me
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 1, 2011 - 7:46:37 PM

Candace Andrews is tired of playing it safe.  As a special birthday gift to herself she’s determined to get a tattoo and knows just the guy she wants to apply the ink – her cousin’s ex-boyfriend Brian.  Candace has always been attracted to Brian but his rebellious nature, her family’s hatred of him and the simple fact that he dated her cousin means he’s off limits.  That doesn’t mean they can’t be friends … but there is that slow burning desire broiling between them that’s almost as addicting as the sting of the needle is daunting.

Brian Ross is the quintessential black sheep of the family.  Born into a family of doctors and lawyers, his tendency toward hard rock music, tattoos and piercings make him stand out like a red beacon.  Brian takes great pride in his artistic abilities, but few people tend to look beneath the tough exterior to see him as a man well worth taking the time to get to know.


Candace loves her new tattoo but has to admit her fascination with Brian is as strong as ever.  She might be the epitome of a ‘good girl’ but underneath her sweet as sugar exterior is a wild child raring to let go.  While Brian has gone about life with a defiant attitude, Candace has gone out of her way to maintain the peace but she’s tired of bending over backwards to make everybody happy and it’s time she started pleasing herself – and nothing would please her more than hooking up with  Brian.  The trouble is her family isn’t about to accept her involvement with him and even attempt to force her into choosing between the man who rocks her world and doesn’t try to curtail her true personality or her family, who seem to believe Brian is Satan reincarnate.


I can’t help but love Cherrie Lynn’s ROCK ME.  If you’re only going by appearances, Brian is rather scary but you can see the full scope of his caring nature in the pride he shows in his artistry.  Ms. Lynn also gives readers great insight into his personality by the way he responds to Candace.  If I hadn’t already fallen in love with Brian because of a special tattoo he’s creating for a customer then his playful and teasing nature with Candace would have definitely won me over.  You can easily envision the twinkle in his eye.   As for Candace, there’s no way I couldn’t adore her.  She may have caved into her family’s demands her entire life but when she decides to take a stand for what she wants she does it in a huge way and I felt so proud of her.  ROCK ME is a fun and sexy romance with a few life lessons and plenty of characters that incite an emotional reaction in one way or another.        


Looking for more of the Ross siblings stories then be sure to pick up copies of UNLEASHED and it’s prequel BARELY LEASHED (it’s free).  Also be sure to keep an eye out for Brian’s sister, Gabriella’s story in a future release (as yet unnamed).

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