Rock My World

Author: Caitlyn Willows

Publisher: Red Sage

Release Date: January 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Marine Captain Christopher Knowling had only been in Iraq for one month when the truck he'd been traveling in with six of his men was attacked.   He's the sole survivor and his injuries require months of physical rehabilitation. He makes the monumental decision to protect his wife Lydia from the pain of being a military widow the only way he knows how - divorce. He just doesn't take into consideration how much it'll hurt him to let her go.

Lydia's devastated by Christopher's rejection.   They'd been such a loving couple before his deployment but the attack and deaths of his comrades have changed him.   He insists on a divorce and she isn't about to force him to stay with her if he no longer loves her, but there's no way she's going to accept spousal support.   His insistence on paying her 'guilt money' as she calls it is holding up their divorce and their argument leads them to a mediator in hopes of reaching a solution to their disagreement.


Lydia's done everything she can to aid her husband's recovery but in the six months since the attack in Iraq Christopher's pulled further and further into himself.   As a military wife, Lydia's always been aware and accepted the risks of Christopher's career choice.   She just can't believe that he's actually fallen out of love with her and intends to go through with a divorce.   Lydia loves Christopher enough to let him go if that's truly what he wants.


Christopher's finding it very difficult to go through with his decision to push his loved ones away.   He's not only divorcing Lydia but he's also cut off communication with his family.   Seeing Lydia for the meeting with a moderator is pure torture.    How's he supposed to be so close yet not free to touch and love her the way he wants?   While waiting in the conference room for their moderator, a massive earthquake hits and the historical building is severely damaged.   Christopher and Lydia are trapped so maybe it's time for a little honesty and to kiss and make up.


My husband used to tell me that 'if the military wanted soldiers to have families then they'd issue them.'   Caitlyn Willows does a wonderful job showing just how emotionally demanding the military is on not just soldiers, but their families as well.   Christopher has this convoluted idea that by divorcing Lydia he can 'save' her from heartache, I couldn't decide if I wanted to shake him or hug him.   Lydia's a strong young woman with the tenacity of a pit bull.   That tenacity and her refusal to accept spousal support ultimately leads to a second chance though neither of them is prepared for the tremors that they have to admit ROCK MY WORLD.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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