By CinLee
Jun 1, 2009 - 6:08:25 PM

Summer Staite writes exposes for a tabloid type rock magazine entitled Stripped. Her latest assignment? The bad boy of rock and roll that no one seems able to get a handle on.  Anthony Phoenix, reluctant rock star, is tired of his image. He finds it unappealing and longs for something more. A reporter trying to gain insight on his sex life is not it. But neither can deny the attraction that immediately flames between them.

He refuses Summer’s appeal for a story but finds himself incredibly distracted by her as he tries to go on with his day. Finally he abandons a rehearsal session with his band because he isn’t in the mood to deal with groupies. Anthony finds himself calling Summer to let her know there will be a pass for the concert and that she can have her story.


After things go badly when they meet backstage, Summer isn’t able to drag herself away from the concert and she and Anthony spend the night together. Something innocent and private goes very wrong and by the next day, their worlds are turned upside down.


Anthony is a hero who will heat you to your very core yet break your heart when he feels betrayed. Summer is ready to throw it all away to be with him but finds herself having to break down the barriers to find herself in Anthony’s arms once more.

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