Six Pack Ranch, Book Two: Rocky Mountain Haven
By Cheryl McInnis
Jun 5, 2010 - 9:04:24 AM

As one of the middle sons of the six Coleman brothers, Daniel is known on the ranch as being the easy going peacemaker. No one in his family realizes how unhappy Daniel is, or how he longs, not for ranching, but to build furniture full-time, and most of all, to have a wife and family of his own. When his youngest brothers drag him to a Calgary nightclub, Daniel meets Beth, a woman whose haunted eyes bring out all of his protective instincts. The attraction between them is like nothing he has every felt before. However, the next morning when he calls her, the number Beth gave is disconnected, and Daniel returns home to Rocky Mountain House in defeat.

Recently widowed and the mother of three young boys, Beth Danube doesn’t have the time or energy in her life for a man. In fact, after living through hell with her abusive husband, Beth is pretty sure that she’ll never want to touch or be touched by a man ever again. One night, out clubbing with her sister, Beth is proven wrong when she meets Daniel. Rugged, sexy and above all, a gentleman, this cowboy sends Beth’s long dead libido roaring back to life. Even though she would like to explore the chemistry between them, Beth leaves things unfinished with Daniel. After all, in a few weeks she is packing up her boys and moving to the small town of Rocky Mountain House, hoping to leave the past behind and make a fresh start.


Daniel can’t believe his eyes when he sees Beth again, right in his home town and living next door to his parents. He thought that he’d never see her again after that one night, but that didn’t stop him from wondering what might have been. Now that Beth is here, Daniel has no intentions of letting her get away. Somehow he has to prove to her that he is more than a man to fulfill her sexual needs, he is a man she can trust with her body, her children and her heart.


I really can’t rave enough about ROCKY MOUNTAIN HAVEN. This is quite simply, one of the most perfect romances that I’ve read in a long time. There are no villains, no murders or mysteries to solve, no scheming relatives or ex-spouses to deal with and not a vampire or werewolf in sight. There are just two lonely people who have taken some tough knocks in life but managed to keep on going. Beth and Daniel have amazing chemistry right from the very start, yet they choose to develop their friendship before becoming physical, and the build-up of sexual tension makes the love scenes, which are very hot, so much more emotional and tender because of that. I loved everything about ROCKY MOUNTAIN HAVEN, and I can definitely see myself reading it again and again. ROCKY MOUNTAIN HAVEN is book two of the SIX PACK RANCH series, and I cannot wait for the next release.


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