Rodeo Cowboy: Karly’s Drifter
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 4, 2006 - 5:54:00 AM

Karly Jackson is a freelance photographer. She’s spent a month traveling the rodeo circuit snapping pictures for a book. Most of the cowboys she comes across are thrilled at the opportunity to be immortalized in her book, but the one man who really intrigues Karly flat out refuses to have any part of it.

Hawk Rivers is intensely private and has no desire to have his picture plastered between the cover of some coffee table book. There’s a good reason to believe that nobody he knows would see it, but there’s no reason to take that chance. Hawk’s harboring personal secrets and abhors the thought of her book, but Karly’s appeal is just too difficult for him to resist.

Karly is inexplicably drawn to Hawk despite his gruff attitude and refusal to sign the release form to allow her to use the pictures she’s taken of him. Her lack of fear and refusal to back down to him arouse Hawk far more than he cares to think about. After the final competition, Hawk pays a visit to Karly’s motor home with the intention of taking the film that contains pictures of him. He doesn’t get the film but it turns out to be a trip well worth making. Without any preamble he suggests they go to bed, according to him there’s no need for courtship stuff is a waste of time and Karly couldn’t agree more. Hawk swears that he’s bad for her and they can’t have a permanent relationship, but Karly’s already half in love with him. Will she get her heart broken and what is this big secret that he insists on keeping to himself?

KARLY’S DRIFTER is the second book in Sage Burnett’s RODEO COWBOY series. This story packs quite a wallop with the fast paced storyline, hot sex, and unforgettable characters. I adored Karly’s quick witted banter with Hawk and the fact that she didn’t let him intimidate her. Hawk is the strong silent type and right from the first page you get the sense that he’s been very hurt in the past. It’s a refreshing change of pace to be able to view rodeo cowboys as people with very real problems and a life outside of the rodeo circuit. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the final book in this series, JOSIE’S HEARTBREAKER.

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