Rodeo Drive
By Zee
Jul 1, 2009 - 1:36:46 AM

Tiffany Hunter is a young woman who gets a high out of shopping. But she’s not simply a shopaholic, Tiffany’s also a struggling artist. How then to reconcile her love of shopping with the fact that she is pretty much penniless, and make some dough in the process? The solution is simple. She starts a new venture where she will be the personal shopper to men who forget to buy something for the women in their lives on important occasions.

This ‘job’ then leads Tiffany to the interiors of Lauren & Co on Rodeo Drive, a jewellery shop. And surprise for her – it’s not only the jewels that shine, sparkle and lure you in. There’s also the handsome jeweller, Nick Bennet.

Nick is intrigued by this young woman who pops into the shop every so often and who always buys impressive amounts of jewellery. Who is she, and what’s her purpose?

Of course, he later learns she’s a personal shopper of a different kind. Starts then a game of ‘will we meet again’ between the two of them. But neither Tiffany nor Nick are content with just meeting in passing and by chance at the shop. Can they take it to another level?

RODEO DRIVE is a delightful story that combines what most women would swoon under – unconditional shopping, lots of jewellery, the sun and heat of California, and not to mention a sizzling hot and handsome man!

Tiffany is a fun character to follow, and it’s also a joyful trip to find out what she’ll come up with for the poor souls who contact her in droves to use her shopper services. She is painted by Ms. Loy as an engaging character, a woman most of us would empathize with and one who echoes at least some aspect of our lives in her day-to-day happenings.

I enjoyed this book and so will you if you like a breezy story with a fun heroine and a man any one of us could fall for. Check out RODEO DRIVE – and beware that you may be tempted to stay there too!

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