Rogue President

Author: Audrey Godwin

Publisher: Extasy Books

Release Date: May 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Seven-year-old Griff Nyle watched his mother kill his father and his mistress, and then she turned the gun on herself.  Griff blamed it all on the red-haired mistress named Ruby, and he vowed to hate her forever.

Griff is on the road to the presidency, and Senator Bliss is his ticket in.  The Senator feels that his daughter, Lorelei Comfort Bliss will make the perfect first lady.  After all, she's the sweetheart of Capitol Hill.  Griff doesn't like her, because she is a redhead, and he hates redheads because of Ruby.

It's ten years later, and the wedding day has arrived.  Griff and Lorelei are getting married.  For Griff, it's all a sham, just another part of becoming president.  But, for Lorelei, it's the real thing, because she is in love with Griff.  After several days of marriage, they still don't have sex, and Lorelei is very upset.  When she finds out the reason for Griff's hatred of redheads, she falls even more in love with him and vows to make him understand that she is not like that.

While Lorelei does everything in her power to win Griff, he starts to fall in love with her.  But, soon another woman comes into the picture.  This is a woman that could be the destruction of Griff's marriage and Lorelei's heart.  Will Griff realize too late the amazing woman that he's married to?  Or, will sex and the lure of power destroy him?

ROGUE PRESIDENT is a highly erotic tale of one man's path to power and sex.  Audrey Godwin writes a powerful story that will keep you quickly turning the pages.  At first, I really wanted to hate Griff, but I could understand his attitude, and I eventually came around.  Lorelei is just an amazing heroine.  She is put through the ringer, because her love for Griff knows no bounds.  This was quite an interesting story, and I'll definitely be looking for more books by Ms Godwin. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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