Romancing the Scone
By Pamela Denise
Nov 6, 2011 - 11:03:25 AM

Pastry chef Sydney Schul, owner of Sydney’s Sugar High Coffee Stop and Bakery, in Legend, Tennessee, has dedicated her life to making delectable sweets. She doesn’t need a man as long as she has her confections to create and share. Sydney is still on cloud nine from the article posted in Southern’s Best Magazine naming her scones as The Best Scones of the South. When a new patron comes in to her shop – one whose been seen watching her – Sydney isn’t sure whether he is a stalker, a food critic, or just a hot guy with a sweet tooth.

Owner of Stones Scones of Atlanta bakery in Atlanta, Georgia, Stone Kellerman is flabbergasted when he’s usurped out the title of Best Scones of the South. He has held the place for the past five years and has come to think of it as a personal belonging. He has to take a trip to visit the small town baker to see what the excitement is about and compare the scones to his own award winning ones. When Stone meets Sydney he tries to ignore his attraction. After all, his mission was simple: take a taste of the scone and high-tail it back to Atlanta. One bite of Sydney’s delicious scone however throws Stone’s plans out the window.

Stone simply must have the recipe to what he admits is pastry perfection. He’ll do whatever it takes to get it, including seducing its creator. Although Stone never reveals who he is, Sydney just knows he is a big food critic and is all too eager to please for a good review. Yet their ulterior motives get shoved to the side as the chemistry flares between the two. Sooner or later, the flour hits the fan and things turn sour pretty fast. Can Sydney’s infamous matchmaking cousin and local celebrity on The Food Channel, Suzie Matthews, do what she does best and help bring the couple together, despite the sticky situation?

Maddie James is back to deliver more yummy goodness with her first book in the second MATCHINGMAKING CHEF series, ROMANCING THE SCONE. I always like reading Maddie’s stories and visiting the small – but not so quiet – town of Legend, Tennessee, where her recurring character Suzie, co-owner with her husband of the local B &B, has a hand in matchmaking couple after couple. As always, good eats and heartwarming romance take center stage in the plot in this latest installment. I enjoyed the storyline. It was nice to see believable characters with somewhat selfish underlying motives being brought together unexpectedly by their passion for scones. I have to say the hero and heroine take their love for food in the bedroom to a whole other, somewhat amusing, level. Anyone who picks up this read is in for a sweet surprise.

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