Romentics: Razor Burn

Author: Scott & Scott

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Release Date: September 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Blayne is currently working on developing a men's razor that every man will want to buy. If it is a success, he may finally be able to step out of his father's shadow. To please his homophobic father, Blayne is miserably married to a woman that also works for the company.

While at a coffee shop, Blayne finds himself drawn to a handsome man named Ben. They share a few moments of explosive pleasure that Blayne finds hard to forget. Unfortunately, Ben knows that is what he has to do forget, and return to his life of work. When Ben is hired to work with Blayne, the attraction between them only grows stronger. Soon nothing can keep them apart. When secrets from the past are revealed, they find themselves running from danger and looking for answers.

Emotionally stirring, RAZOR BURN by Scott & Scott is a thrilling story about a gay man living a life of misery in order to be accepted by his father. As he begins to seek out his own happiness he uncovers secrets from his past that places him in dangers way. His story is one that is filled with explosive passion and exciting action, as he discovers that lies have kept him from finding the one thing that truly matters—a love that will last forever.

The characters are wonderfully compelling. I found it easy to understand the position that Blayne finds himself in. He fears rejection from his demanding and intimidating father. Blayne goes out of his way to try and prove himself, even to the point of his own unhappiness. From the very beginning, I found myself wanting Blayne to stand up and be true to himself.

The action is thrilling as it goes from exciting car chases to gun toting muscle men. I found myself gasping in surprise as secrets are revealed in this fascinating story. I feared for the lives of Blayne and Ben as they go against a controlling and powerful enemy, to discover the answers to some very intriguing questions. This is a powerful story filled with the unexpected.

This is a sexy story that leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to passion. The chemistry between the two men is electrifying, leaving no doubt that they are meant to be together. It is the fear that Blayne will not be able to break free of his father's control that had me wondering if the two would find happiness.

RAZOR BURN by Scott & Scott It is a fast moving story that has a lot to offer the reader for entertainment. From hot sex and thrilling suspense to exciting action, this story has something for everyone. It is a wonderful romance that had me looking up the authors to see what else they have written.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Anita

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