By Contessa
Sep 1, 2005 - 1:22:00 PM

At the tender age of ten, Lauren was in a horrible car accident that ended the life of her mother and lead to the discovery of her damaged heart.  After spending many years on the organ donor waiting list, Lauren was finally matched and given an organ transplant.  It's been two years after her successful surgery and now Lauren is ready to learn the wonders of womanhood. 

Romeo had to grow up fast after he lost his parents and was left to run the family ranch at the age of eighteen.  Accustomed to being in charge, Romeo has become very dictatorial in all aspects of his life.  So, he is shocked beyond belief to find himself strongly attracted to a seemly, innocent, little hellion who is determined to gain all the experience she has missed out on due to her illness.  Will Romeo be able to tame this little spitfire?

ROMEO by Gail Faulkner is a remarkable story that will have you teary eyed one minute, then quickly gasping your breath and fanning your heated face in the next.  Lauren is a woman on a mission to gain her independence and to discover the joys of sexual gratification, after being denied due to her poor health and family.  Romeo is an alpha-type man who is used to having women falling at his feet; but, what's to be expected with a name like Romeo!  The passion between Lauren and Romeo is scorching hot!  The love scenes are very breathtaking and left me breathless with desire.  This is a great read that I am sure all will enjoy.

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