Romeo’s Revenge
By Dina Smith
Oct 19, 2007 - 1:37:01 PM

The last place in the world Angel Madison wants to be is at her high school reunion. It has been twenty years since she left this place, and it still holds the memories of her broken heart.

Back in high school, Angel thought her dreams were all coming true. She was starring in the school play, Romeo and Juliet, with Giorgio Lorenza, the high school hunk. Their offstage affair was just as hot until his parents’ disapproval of Angel tore them apart. Angel would never forgive Giorgio for leaving her alone and forcing her to make a choice that still leaves her heart aching.


Giorgio knew he was a coward leaving Angel the way he did, but at eighteen he didn’t know what else to do. After twenty years Giorgio’s feelings for Angel have only grown stronger and his only chance at happiness is convincing Angel that they belong together. Just when Giorgio thinks Angel might give him a second chance, his own little secret steps in and all his dreams begin to shatter around him.


ROMEO’S REVENGE by Mimi Riser was a true pleasure to read. Giorgio and Angel’s raw emotion’s made the sex scenes hotter, the fighting scenes more intense, and let’s not forget the making up scenes that nearly burn the pages right up. Ms. Riser has written a love story that I think will appeal to any reader.

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