Room Service
By Angel
Jul 1, 2007 - 6:01:18 AM

Olivia Callender is doing her best with what she's got, and what she has is a very old hotel in dire need of repairs.   Still trying to make money while fixing the place up she also has guests to contend with and one seems to be taking up a lot of her time and thoughts.   Olivia has enough problems with her manipulating uncle trying to take the hotel from under her.   She gets help from the man who seems to be occupying all of her thoughts, but will it be enough to save her beloved business?

Rhys Spencer can't help but be attracted to the sexy owner of the hotel he checks into.   He also sees that she is having some major problems in trying to renovate and keep the place out of her uncle’s hands.   Rhys is a chef and decides to step in and offer his expertise and help to get her business back on its feet.   Rhys will find himself in the middle of a circus of people who all have one common goal, to help Olivia keep the hotel up and running and make it a major success.   Will Rhys wind up finding a reason to make his position permanent?


ROOM SERVICE is a wonderful story of humor and passion that will have the reader eagerly turning the pages to see what will happen next to this quirky couple.   Olivia is a great heroine and completely independent, she's used to taking care of things on her own.   Rhys on the other hand is a take-charge kind of guy and does just that when he pitches in to help Olivia give the hotel a new reputation.   Together this couple is explosive and makes a wonderful addition to the plot and the other gaggle of eccentric characters that abound in the story.   There is also an element of suspense that sends chills down the reader's spine.   Amy Garvey has done a fantastic job of penning a story that has all the basic elements of an awesome plot and throwing in some unconventional characters to top it off.

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