Roped and Tied
By Natasha Smith
Jul 6, 2008 - 9:06:03 AM

Four years ago Jericho Farrell thought he knew what he wanted.  In the ways of youth, he made a decision to leave Wayback, the town in which he grew up, for bigger and brighter pastures.  In deciding to leave his hometown, Jericho also had to leave another behind - her name was Eden Sawyer.  At one time, Eden’s father was Jericho’s boss.  While cozying up to the boss’ daughter is a bit cliché, Jericho and Eden were inseparable.  That is, until Jericho’s dreams of bright lights, big money, and rodeo stardom called his name.  When he left Wayback, he unknowingly left a part of himself behind - a son.

Eden Sawyer has not forgotten the love she shared with Jericho nor has she forgotten the pain he caused her when he left his employment at her father’s ranch and took up with the competition.  Four years later, she still loves Jericho.  While she knows that her decision to keep their son a secret might not have been the best spur of the moment choice she ever made, she can’t look back on that.  With one career ending rodeo injury Jericho is back and he needs her help.  Will she be able to remain objective to his charms while allowing her son to get to know him?  She sure hopes so, because she does not know if she can survive another broken heart. 


Mallary Mitchell has captured the emotions and energy of Jericho and Eden in ROPED AND TIED.  Eden remains steadfast in her decision to not let Jericho once more into her heart.  Or, at least she tries.  With the love of her youth once more in her hands, Eden’s decision is a moot point and she reaches for Jericho even knowing that he might not be there forever.  Jericho has never been able to forget Eden no matter how much he tried and to me, that is what love should be – the ability to always remember how much a person means to you.  ROPED AND TIED warmed my heart and soothed my western genre loving soul.  It is a heart warming story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. 

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