Ropers Rule
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 7, 2008 - 1:13:28 PM

Betsy’s sworn off cowboys but there’s one in particular who could entice her to give them another chance. Even thought her older brother’s former team-roping partner, Alex, is nine years older than her, he has been the object of her fantasies for quite awhile. At his invitation she’s determined to make this weekend one to remember.

When Alex extended the invitation to Betsy for her to come see him, he failed to mention that he’s now roping with her ex-boyfriend Rick. He’s heard a lot about her from his ex-partner Joe and new partner Rick. Betsy’s definitely not happy to see Rick but she does her best to ignore him - after all she’s there for Alex.

Betsy’s a bundle of nerves. She had such high hopes for the weekend with Alex and the presence of her ex-boyfriend threatens to ruin her dreams. The last thing she expects is for Rick to admit to still having feelings for her, apologize over how things ended and admit to still wanting to be with her. Betsy’s faced with having to choose between them, but what will happen when she’s unable to pick one of the men? Fortunately Rick is privy to one of her fantasies - one that will definitely give them all a weekend to remember.

ROPERS RULES is a short spicy tale which doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. At only twenty-nine pages this story gets down and dirty pretty quickly but doesn’t leave out the emotional aspect that allows readers to care about the characters. Betsy and Rick have a history and it’s obvious that she still has feelings for him. Add to that the pull she’s felt toward Alex for several years and I have to agree, choosing between them would be hard. Amie Stuart’s writing style shows some real potential and I’d be interested in seeing what she could do with a longer story.

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