Rose Harbor in Bloom - Rose Harbor Inn series, Book 2
By Diana S
Nov 1, 2013 - 12:00:00 PM

Jo Marie Rose is the proud proprietress of the Rose Harbor Inn and she is the widow of Paul Rose, whose helicopter had gone down on a mountaintop in Afghanistan. Jo Marie is starting a new life in Cedar Cove and getting used to being alone. 


The Inn's newest guests are Mary, who is recovering from cancer, and Annie, who is getting over a broken engagement and is planning her grandparents anniversary party. Annie's grandparents round out the group.

Mary had lived in Seattle at one time but had moved to NYC and left the love of her life behind. She has returned to make peace with her past and maybe reconnect with it. Mary is a very unhappy woman who just wants to find a little peace in her life.

Annie lives in Seattle and has just ended her engagement after finding out her fiancé had been cheating on her. She delves into making her grandparents anniversary party her main goal in her otherwise unhappy life. Annie feels that her grandparents have had a perfect marriage and wants to celebrate that. Annie finds out that her grandparents have brought her childhood nemesis with them and is not happy about seeing him.

Will Mary find her lost love and reveal a secret to him? Will Annie find out that everyone has troubles in their marriages, even her grandparents, and that maybe her old foe will be someone who she wants to get to know better? Will Jo Marie hear some news about her lost husband and will it be good or bad?

ROSE HARBOR IN BLOOM, the second book in Debbie Macomber's ROSE HARBOR INN series, is a look into what people have thought their past to have been and their reality. A great story of love, friendship, family and grieving. I love the characters in this book and look forward to my next trip to Rose Harbor Inn. Debbie Macomber has again brought the past and the present together in remembering our fallen heroes of war. I love her stories and will remain an avid fan.

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