Rough Justice
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2008 - 1:31:42 PM

It’s been six months since Roxanne Savage and Jay Turpin decided to see other people.  They’re more like best friends with benefits and a possibility of a happily-ever-after at some point in the future.  For right now though their lives are pulling them in two very different directions so seeing other people seems like the right thing to do.

Roxie’s perfectly happy in her relationship with Jay but she’s developed a sexual interest in Sheriff Ivan Soto.  Her interactions with him only occur when he busts her for exceeding the speed limit though – which is sort of disheartening. 


The last thing Roxie needs is to be stranded on the side of a road because she forgot to put gas in the car.  There’s no way she’s walking the five miles home dressed like she is – she’d probably end up being picked up for prostitution.  Roxie works as an exotic dancer and is on her way home from her late night shift.  She’s tried calling Jay but all she’s getting is his voicemail.  After waiting a full fifteen minutes with no return call from Jay, Roxie calls the sheriff’s office to have someone come to her rescue.  While Roxie envisions all sorts of naughty scenarios involving her and Sheriff Soto getting down and dirty, reality tells her that a straight laced officer of the law would never get involved with a stripper.  Fantasies sometimes do come true as she’s about to find out!


Sheriff Soto is the officer who arrives to rescue her only he has more than giving her a ride home in mind.  He’s about to fulfill one of his fantasies and show Roxie exactly how much he wants her – police style.  Eventually Ivan does drive Roxie home and that’s where Jay finds them together.  He’s not jealous or angry, he simply knows that what he and Roxie share is very special and if Ivan is going to be involved with Roxie then he better get used to having Jay in the picture – and the bedroom. 


KyAnn Waters’ ROUGH JUSTICE takes three highly unlikely people and throws them together in this unique ménage-a-trois that makes being bad seem very appealing.  One of my favorite things about this storyline is Ivan’s discomfort with the idea of sharing Roxie with Jay.  He’s got this idea that sharing Roxie would somehow make him gay because of his close proximity to Jay when they’re all together.  However, his attitude changes and it’s an interesting transition.  Roxie, Jay and Ivan are fun characters who are truly a joy to get to know.


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