Rough Play
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 25, 2013 - 2:04:24 PM

Dating coach Charlotte has no regrets about leaving her sexually dominant husband… well, except for having to leave her beloved dog Hoagie in his care since he has a yard and her apartment doesn’t.  She’s happy to remain single herself but knows other women aren’t and is only too happy to help.  The trouble with basing a business on her matchmaking skills is the simple fact that she’s entirely too good at it, which means no returning clients. 


One of her clients, Gail, has proved to be a difficult woman especially since the men she’s attracted to simply aren’t compatible with her – and nothing Charlotte says can convince her to throw her marriage minded hooks into a different dating pool.  Or worse, when she does go looking for something different it’s in the BDSM community which Charlotte is undeniably extremely uncomfortable with.  However, when Gail goes missing after visiting Subspace, a fetish club, it’s up to Charlotte to find out what happened to her.


Master Martin is the proud owner of Subspace – and the man Gail had gone there to meet.   While he claims not to know what happened to Charlotte’s friend he does agree to help her locate her friend – for a price.  Unlike Gail, whom was absolutely not submissive, Martin is intensely attracted to Charlotte, and it’s impossible for her to hide her submissive nature from him.  If Charlotte wants his help she’ll have to endure a little role-playing with the sexy Dom, but doesn’t realize how doing so will affect her – or how much she’ll crave his touch.  Finding Gail and saving her from whatever fate has befallen her is imperative, but resisting Master Martin is impossible. 


ROUGH PLAY by Christina Crooks is a captivating read from beginning to end.  I fell in love with Charlotte and her quirky personality and had to admire her for enduring Gail’s asinine demands when it comes to finding a perfect match.  Master Martin is sweet but demanding and you just know he’d never do anything to harm a woman or allow any sort of that behavior in his club, so while you know Charlotte is safe with him you can’t help but wonder what happened to Gail.  ROUGH PLAY has so many twists and turns to the plot and intriguing coincidences that keep the reader eagerly turning pages in anticipation of uncovering the truth.  Meanwhile there’s a romance brewing between Charlotte and her Dom that is full of humor and heat and genuine happiness.  This story is beautifully written and wildly imaginative with strong female characters that carry the story.


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