Rough, Raw, and Ready: Rough Riders, Book 5
By Natasha Smith
Nov 19, 2008 - 9:49:58 AM

Chassie Glanzer loves her husband uncontrollably and unconditionally.  After being married to Trevor for a year, Chassie can’t imagine her life without him.  He has made her happier than she ever expected and their lovemaking is steamy and shows no signs of getting boring.  When Trevor’s old rodeo partner shows up suddenly at their ranch, Chassie is delighted to meet Edgard Mancuso.  It’s what she learns days later that makes her take a step back and think things over.

Trevor never thought he would ever love a woman as much as he loves his wife.  She has made his life so much better in the last year just by being in it.  She asks for nothing but his love, and he is happy to give it to her.  He wishes he could give her the world, but since he was disowned, Trevor and Chassie have to work for everything they get.  When Edgard shows up at the ranch, Trevor does his best to ignore the feelings that he locked inside his heart ever since Ed left him.  When he can no longer deny how he feels and Chassie catches him and Ed in a clinch, Trevor knows that if he had to choose between his wife and Ed, the decision would kill him.


Chassie comes up with a solution to their dilemma.  She and Ed both love Trevor, and Trevor loves both Ed and Chassie.  While Chassie doesn’t have clear emotional ties to Edgard, she does desire him.  Her solution?  Act upon their mutual desires for each other and see where it takes them. 


ROUGH, RAW, AND READY is explosive.  Each character’s emotions and feelings are out in the open for the reader to experience. Trevor tries to keep his thoughts to himself but is unable to do so. He genuinely loves his wife and Edgard equally but not in the same way. Chassie completes Trevor; Ed soothes his soul. 


Happy with the way the romance of ROUGH, RAW, AND READY turned out; I have to admit that Lorelei James is one of my favorite ménage writing authors.  It takes a lot to write and plan a realistic ménage and Ms. James makes it seem effortless.  I love the teasers she puts throughout the book about various family members and those teasers make me yearn for the next installment of this awesome series!

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