Rough Riders: Book 11; Chasin' Eight
By Cheryl McInnis
Aug 6, 2011 - 8:42:42 AM

Award winning PBR celebrity Chase McKay is known as the wild one, and in the infamous McKay family that is saying something for sure. Unfortunately, Chase’s hard-drinking, fighting, womanizing ways catch up to him, and he ends up in hot water with his corporate sponsors and his boss. Forced to take some time off, Chase takes a good long look at himself and doesn’t like what he sees. Vowing to give up partying, and especially women, Chase wants to get back to the basics of bull riding and decides to hide out in his cousin Kane’s trailer until he has his plans worked out. Chase doesn’t expect to find a naked movie star already there, in particular, one who is determined to jump his bones and send all his good intentions out the window.

Ava Dumond is a famous Hollywood actress known as Ava Cooper. After suffering through a humiliating scandal, Ava wants to find herself a place far from California and hide from the paparazzi for awhile. When her friend Ginger McKay offers to let Ava use her husband’s old trailer in rural Wyoming, Ava jumps at the chance. When hunky Chase McKay shows up, Ava considers it to be a perfect opportunity to soothe her wounded ego with a hot affair with the notorious playboy, but Chase vows to resist her attempts at seduction. Good thing Ava doesn’t give up easily.

To their mutual surprise, Chase and Ava discover that they actually like each other’s company and decide to travel together across the amateur bull riding circuit incognito; with Chase practicing his skills and Ava videotaping the rides. Along the way, these two lonely people develop something very special together, but when a horrible tragedy occurs and their real lives begin to intrude, will the foundation of their new relationship be enough to build a life together?

I think CHASIN’ EIGHT just may be my favorite out of all the ROUGH RIDERS books yet. As usual, author Lorelei James infuses her characters with wit, charm and lots of sass, but I felt that Chase and Ava’s insecurities and emotional turmoil really stood out in this story and made it so much better. The scenes between Chase and his family, as well as the scenes with him and Ava were simply perfect; funny, tender and very realistic. The build of sexual tension between Ava and Chase made for some very explosive love scenes, but it was the honest emotions between the two of them that really made me love CHASIN’ EIGHT. I highly recommend the entire ROUGH RIDERS series, but if you haven’t tried it yet, CHASIN’ EIGHT can definitely be read as a standalone and would be a great way to start.


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