Rough Riders, Book 9; Raising Kane
By Cheryl McInnis
Aug 8, 2010 - 7:39:21 PM

Ginger Paulson thinks she has it altogether. Somehow she manages to run her law practice, raise her young son and care for her wheelchair bound father without asking for help from anyone. When Ginger slips on some ice and tumbles down a flight of stairs, it really hits home that she does need help…and help arrives from the most unexpected source.

Cattle rancher and the wildest of the wild McKay cousins, Kane McKay, has had his eyes on Ginger ever since he became her son Hayden’s “Big Buddy,” but he has reluctantly adhered to the Little Buddy program’s strict policy of keeping hands off the mothers. When Ginger ends up in the hospital, busted up and immobile, Kane sees his chance to prove to everyone, especially Ginger, that he is no longer just the notorious Kane McKay, but a hard-working, dependable man who is able to take care of Ginger and her family.


When Kane and Ginger spend more time together, it doesn’t take them long to give in to temptation and begin a sizzling hot affair. Slowly, Ginger starts to realize that behind Kane’s easy grin and cowboy charms lays a man who yearns to settle down, a man who can be trusted with much more than just her body. Kane learns that in order to win Ginger’s heart, he has to teach her to let go of her tightly held control and turn the reins over to someone who can give her what she needs…someone like him.


RAISING KANE is the ninth fabulous installment in author Lorelei James’ smoking hot ROUGH RIDERS series. At times humorous and at other times tender - but always unabashedly steamy, RAISING KANE was a fun and enjoyable story. Kane and Ginger are two characters that I liked from their appearances in previous stories, and I was happy to see them together. I also liked the fact that these two people are a little older, with real adult problems and responsibilities that had to be taken into account. It made the story that much more real to me. I loved getting a glimpse of some familiar faces from the past, as well as, a sneak peek at what is next in store for one of the wild and lovable McKays. I highly recommend RAISING KANE and the ROUGH RIDERS series, which keeps getting better and better.


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