Rough Stock
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 15, 2009 - 12:15:06 PM

Mason Smith and Clay Harris are the best of friends and like most friends they share everything.  For the first time it looks like something (or someone) has the potential to come between them.  At the age of thirteen they became friends with their boss’s daughter April and over the past five years the threesome have been practically inseparable.  Lately Mason and Clay have noticed that April isn’t the same little girl they befriended – she’s now their ‘very hot’ female friend.

April’s feelings for Mason and Clay have evolved beyond simple friendship.  She’s in love with them and has no intention of choosing one man over the other.  She’s not entirely comfortable with her feelings, after all what does loving two men say about her?  April’s well aware their lives are about to change.  High school is over and they’ll all be going their separate ways but for now they have a whole summer to explore their feelings.


Mason and Clay’s love for horses and ranching culminate in dreams of rodeoing together.  They never anticipated falling in love with April or the confusing way their summer romance would turn out.  While the men tried to come to grips with their feelings about sharing April, she struggles with her own issues – including her plans for attending college in New York.  Mason and Clay have more to contend with then just their confusion over their feelings over the situation, April ‘shuts down’ and avoids them after every encounter and neither of the men understand what’s going on with her.  Mason knows that he isn’t talented enough to make it as a bronc rider so he’s made plans to join the Army.  He figures that Clay and April will become an exclusive couple once he’s gone but he doesn’t take into consideration that Clay will be traveling from rodeo to rodeo and April will spend the next several years in a New York college.  Life sent these young lovers in different directions, is there any hope that they can recapture the love they once shared once they reunite?


Cat Johnson ventures into a new romance genre with her latest romance – ROUGH STOCK.  Ms. Johnson’s well known for her military romances due to the success of the TASK FORCE ZETA series but in ROUGH STOCK she tries her hand at writing a ménage-a-trois story and I must say she does a beautiful job.  Mason, Clay and April travel the highs and lows of friendship and love together and readers get to come along for the ride.  I developed a real fondness for these characters from the very beginning when Mason and Clay enacted a little rough justice of their own after April’s prom date manhandled her.  There was some real poetic justice in that whole scenario and it really shows the mettle of these men.  ROUGH STOCK encompasses some of my favorite types of romance subjects – cowboys, military men, and a ménage relationship - into one storyline.  This story teases, tantalizes and gives readers a sense that this sort of relationship really can survive anything – even time and distance.  Once again Cat Johnson doesn’t disappoint and proves that she’s an author who can tell a story with plenty of heart and heat.


NOTE: This book has been previously released and has been revised and expanded - and now includes an epilogue which gives readers the longed for happily ever after.


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