Rough and Ready

Author: Sandra Hill

Publisher: Berkley Sensations

Release Date: December 5, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Torolf Magnusson (Max) was a Lieutenant in the Navy, one-fifth of the Force Squad SEAL Team.  Other members are Petty Officer Justin “Cage” LeBlanc, a Cajun from Louisiana, Lieutenant (J.G) Zach “Pretty Boy” Floyd, an ex-race car driver,  Lieutenant (J.G.) Jacob Mendoza (JAM) an ex-Jesuit priest (yeah, you read that right) and finally Ensign Merrill “Geek” Good,  a computer prodigy, the only Naval Academy graduate of the five of them. It was hard for Max to explain to the guys that he had to travel back to the eleventh-century Norselands to kill a terrorist named Steinolf.  Just how do you time-travel? Then he explained that he had time traveled to California along with some of his family and these guys accepted what he said.  How’s that for trust of your fellow man?


Brunhilda (Hilda) Berdottir had a broken arm, a blackened eye and bruises all over her body, but she trudged on to find the hunting lodge, Deer Haven, which was promptly renamed The Sanctuary.  She had five other women with her who had also been beaten, and some, had even been raped.  All thanks to the terrorist of that time, Steinolf. 


They vowed their revenge on Steinolf, but could these women take revenge by themselves?  Or do the SEALS come to their rescue, from the future?  As the women had sworn off men five years ago, would Viking Max and the other SEALS be accepted or rejected?  When Torolf introduced himself to Hilda, she tells him “that dunderhead is dead”.  He convinced her he is not, then her dog, Stig, begins to hump his leg.


ROUGH AND READY is one of the best of Sandra Hill’s fabulous stories. The dialog between the men and women is amazing and hilarious.  Sandra once again pens one of the funniest, sexiest Viking time-travel stories, in ROUGH AND READY.  I would absolutely love to just sit with her and listen to her ideas for a weekend.  She has to be an absolute riot to be around.  The dialect in this book will have you laughing out loud.  You can almost see the characters as their descriptions are so vivid.  I burst out loud laughing so hard when the women said they wanted men “with seeds in their pods”. 


If you haven’t read Sandra Hill novels before, please start with this one, and then do as I’ve done and try and find all the rest.  My absolute favorites are the Cajun Series ( I just read THE LOVE POTION) and Tee John is in PINK JINX which came out in November.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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