By Lacey
Oct 8, 2007 - 11:58:34 AM

Kimberly’s desire for Jack Dodson never ceased, even after she stopped coming to Mesa Junction for occasional visits. The rope- wrangling, bull-riding, rodeo cowboy starred in many of her late night fantasies, fantasies she’s determined to make reality before she leaves Mesa Junction this time.

Jack is the perfect specimen of male, and Kim soon finds he lives up to his reputation. He now co-manages a ranch, finally ready to get his life in order and possibly settle down his wild ways. But when Kim discovers an undercover sex-slave ring that’s operated by the man that could potentially become Jack’s stepfather, she’s determined to do anything to prevent Jack from being hurt.


Chaos fills this small town, proving loyalty is hard to come by and Jack is the only person she can trust. Will these two be able to wiggle their way out of this mess?


ROUGHRIDER states just that in this story. Jack is every woman’s fantasy and will have women all over jealous that Kim gets to keep him. I like the loyalty between the two main characters, which is consistent throughout the story no matter what plot twists and turns happen. Ms. Moore did an excellent job creating this wonderful cowboy tale, pinning it with originality and a unique writing style. I enjoyed reading this sizzling tale.

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