Royal Betrayal: Capturing the Crown
By Alane
Jun 14, 2006 - 4:26:00 PM

Dr. Zara Smith thinks she's about to lose a patient.  She can't understand why King Weston, ruler of the tiny European country of Silvershire, hasn't awakened from his coma.  The operation to remove a brain tumor went exceedingly well, so what's wrong?  Zara will do everything she can to keep the king alive and well.  She's already had one professional setback, and she doesn't think her career can absorb another.  But more importantly, she loves the old king.

Suddenly, an explosion changes everything.  Zara sinks into oblivion.  When she awakens, she has no idea who she is.  But someone is trying to kill the king, and Zara's mind just might hold the crucial clue that will help nab the assassin.  A specialist is brought in to try to help Zara recover from her amnesia.  It won't be an easy process and there's no guarantee it will work, but she has to try.


Dr. Walker Shaw had a thriving career as a prominent psychiatrist.  One woman with too little sanity, too much money, and too much influence changed all that.  He was stripped of his license and vilified in the media.  Walker managed to rebound from his undeserved disgrace, and is now working as a consultant for a prestigious investigative agency.  It's an exciting job and he has the opportunity to practice his craft, but it's not the same as being a licensed physician.  His latest assignment is in Silvershire, where he'll be helping a renowned neurosurgeon try to regain her memory.


Zara and Walker have a difficult road ahead of them.  Will Walker be able to help Zara get her memories back?  Can they discover who's behind the attacks on the royal family and Zara?  And what happens when they fall in love?  She's nobility, after all, and he's a commoner with a scandal in his background.  Besides, Zara has goals and dreams.  She's been planning and working hard for years to attain them, and associating with Walker would be disastrous.  What will be most important to Zara?


Nina Bruhns has created another complex, absorbing, and highly satisfying story.  I loved the intricate, suspenseful plot, with its twists and turns and surprises.  Zara's visions added an unexpected paranormal touch.   I couldn't wait to see how the various mysteries would be solved!  And while Zara's focus and her clearly defined goals were quite impressive, I hoped she would be flexible enough to search for a way to fit Walker into her future.  Although he's a commoner and his background is tainted, he has very compelling reasons for not attempting to clear his name.  I wished they would try to compromise, instead of just allowing their differences to become insurmountable obstacles.  ROYAL BETRAYAL is an excellent book that was nearly impossible to put down.  Don't miss it!

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