Rules of the Game - Stardust Texas series
By Dottie
May 31, 2015 - 8:14:46 PM

A year after being jilted at the altar, Jodi Carlyle is still gun-shy about anything wedding related. With her sister's wedding quickly approaching, as well as Jodi's role as maid-of-honor, she knows she has to take steps to conquer her fears. After slowly acclimating Jodi to various wedding stimuli, her therapist tells her she is ready for the coup de grace – crashing a wedding. Unfortunately, Jodi chooses a high profile wedding, taking the invitation that her sister and her fiancé had turned down due to a scheduling conflict. Leaving behind her hometown of Stardust, Jodi travels over two hours to Dallas and checks into a motel. For the first time in a long time, she has four days to herself. But when she arrives at the wedding, she discovers that she has left behind the invitation that will gain her entrance to the event. As she awkwardly tries to explain, a handsome gentleman comes to her rescue, the same one she had evaded earlier after running into him.

It doesn't take long for Jake Coronnado to realize that the woman he rescued is a wedding crasher. He has been attracted to her ever since she ran into him earlier, but she refuses to give him the time of day or even her name. Jake, like Jodi's sister's fiancé Rowdy, is on the Dallas Gunslingers' baseball team. Jake had previously been married, but his pregnant wife had been murdered three years ago and he is still having problems with her death. In fact, Jodi is the first woman he has been attracted to since the tragedy.

By the time the wedding is over, the attraction between Jake and Jodi has reached a boiling point. Finally succumbing to their mutual desire, they end up spending the night together. But the next morning, Jake awakens to find that Jodi has snuck out during the night without any mention of her name or how to contact her.

Jodi's sister discovered love through a hope chest, which she subsequently turns over to Jodi. While in Dallas, Jodi finds a brass key and when she tries it in the lock after returning home, the key fits. So Jodi is granted her desire of a sexual adventure and a bottle of perfume with a heavenly scent which only she and her soul mate can smell. When the best man of the upcoming wedding backs out of his duties and is replaced with Jake, Jodi, as maid-of-honor, finds herself paired with the man she had left behind in the motel. Will Jake be able to smell the heavenly fragrance of her perfume or is the hope chest a hoax? Will Jake be able to overcome his guilt over his wife's death to give them a chance at a happy future together?

An unforgettable tale, RULES OF THE GAME, the second novel in New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde's STARDUST TEXAS series, is an enchanting, sizzling hot contemporary romance that readers will fall in love with. This series revolves around the four sisters who find a hope chest that grants them their desire and provides them with a magical item, which leads them to their soul mate. But first they have to find the brass key that fits their particular lock on the box. This time it is Jodi's turn, but she is not so sure she believes in the superstition, although her sister did find the love of her life with the box. Ironically, their soul mates are both players on the Dallas Gunslingers' ball team. Both Jake and Jodi are dealing with issues. Jake is not sure he is ready to move on yet since he is still dealing with his wife's death and Jodi is finally beginning to get over being jilted, but she also has the issue of being adopted.

Watching them overcome these problems and grow closer as they form a loving relationship is exhilarating and the secondary characters are delightful. I absolutely loved this story and hope to see more of the Dallas Gunslingers in her future STARDUST TEXAS novels. For a sassy, sexy romance that will make you laugh and perhaps, shed a tear or two, pick up a copy of RULES OF THE GAME. You will be glad you did!

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