Desire, Oklahoma, Book 4 – Rules of Desire
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 5, 2011 - 10:29:13 AM

Erin Robinson doesn’t consider herself a local of Desire, Oklahoma.  She only moved to town to be with her sister who married two men and is currently pregnant.  While everyone in Desire seems to defy convention in their choices of significant other(s) Erin isn’t so idealistic.  In her opinion dealing with one man is complicated enough.  How can any woman be expected to put up with more than one?  She’s convinced remaining single is her best option while she remains in town so that she’ll be there to pick up the pieces when her sister’s marriage crumbles.  What she hadn’t counted on is her attraction to the Preston brothers and their unwavering determination to change her mind.

Jared, Duncan and Reese Preston know Erin belongs to them.  They’re just waiting for her to come to the same conclusion.  They grew up in a happy home with one mother and three fathers so this sort of situation isn’t strange to them.  They’d be more than happy to put all Erin’s concerns regarding the sort of relationship they’d share to rest, unfortunately before they get the chance, someone tries to seriously harm her.  Now all bets are off and the Preston men will do whatever is necessary to protect their woman.


Erin has done her best to avoid any interaction with any of the Preston brothers because she is aware of her attraction to the three of them and knows they like to share one woman.  She’s positive that a relationship between the four of them would never work but after she’s drugged they don’t leave her any option but to come to their home – for her own protection and to give the men the opportunity to show her just how perfect they would be together.  When Erin finally gives in to her feelings for Jared, Duncan and Reese she still insists that it can only be about sex.  She won’t even consider anything more lasting but there’s no denying that the men make a permanent arrangement sound downright appealing.  What fascinates her is how none of the men are afraid of inciting her anger; in fact they seem to enjoy her feistiness and definitely enjoy arguing with her – especially when proving her wrong is so very satisfying.  Now if they could just figure out who is behind the attacks and why anyone would want to hurt Emma then life could settle into some semblance of normalcy.  Well, normal is a relative term, right?


Leah Brooke’s DESIRE, OKLAHOMA has enchanted me since I read the very first title and with each new book in the series I fall more in love with the town and the men who live there.  With RULES OF DESIRE Jared, Duncan and Reese have finally found the woman for them but claiming her is no easy task until she becomes the target of an unknown assailant and her wellbeing is entrusted to the trio.   Erin possesses a fiery temper as well as a loving nature, but she’s also hiding a deep vulnerability that the men studiously work at getting beyond.   RULES OF DESIRE is deliciously sexy and the added element of suspense keeps readers on the edge of their seat waiting for each new development in the plotline while you guess at who the assailant might be.  This is a wonderful addition to the DESIRE, OKLAHOMA series and a story I’ll enjoy reading over and over again.


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