Rumor Has It (Animal Magnetism Book 4)
By Lois M.
Nov 20, 2013 - 5:26:50 PM

Kate Evans is someone that is worried about everyone else, and trying to help everyone else, but rarely herself. She is a grade school teacher who cares for the kids as if they were her own.  Her ex-boyfriend, the school principle, is someone she still makes coffee for when he comes to pick her up to take her to the school. 

The people she is most worried about are her family, which consists of her much younger brother, Tommy (who is in her class, and thinks he is a different type of superhero every couple of days), younger sister Ashley (who is a teenager, enough said), and her father (who can be a little absent-minded, and is out of rehab).  They are some of the really big reasons why she keeps putting off a decision she needs to make, one where the deadline is fast approaching - a year in graduate school for a degree in science education.  She has wanted this for a long time, it’s been such a dream of hers, but it would mean leaving Sunshine, Idaho for San Diego.  She is worried her family will totally fall apart with out her there.
But then she literally bumps into a new complication - Griffin Reid.  The one person she has had a thing for since she was ten years old.  She has a habit of spouting out science facts whenever she is nervous. And boy do the facts start to come out when Griffin is around.
Griffin Reid is in a town he never thought he'd set foot in again, given how fast he ran out once he was old enough to join the service.  He wanted nothing to do with his father's business.  He was a bit of a troublemaker and he just kept butting heads with his dad. Griffin came back because his younger sister is getting married... but also, to find something for himself, perhaps.  He was badly injured in Afghanistan, and now is off active duty.  He wants to find something, he's just not really sure what – maybe a new direction in life, maybe even a new beginning with his father.

But the one thing he is certain about is that Kate is totally off limits.  His sister is worried that he might take advantage of vulnerable Kate, and she does not want Griffin to hurt her friend in any way.  He actually agrees with her - but since she Kate bumped into him, he can't stop thinking about her.  It most certainly doesn't help that they are both in the wedding, and most positively does not help when a slightly tipsy Kate is trying to seduce him in her sweet way at the combined pre-wedding party.  
They do try to fight the attraction, but of course ultimately fail - but definitely not miserably.  In the end, they figure a relationship couldn't go anywhere for either of them - Griffin does not plan on staying permanently in Sunshine again and Kate only has days to decide to go to graduate school... however, plans can always change.  And Grif has noticed her around town, and in her class - she always tries to bring the best out in people.  Could she do that with him?
I simply feel like Jill Shalvis can do no wrong - this is another superb, feel good story of friends and family.  The overall chemistry of Grif and Kate is wonderful; and at times, boy, are those two ever smoking hot!  Ms. Shalvis also never skimps on the supporting cast – she writes friends and family that are just as lovable and fun as the main hero/heroine.   I love Tommy and Ashley especially; seeing how they adapt to a loving, but strained family where they lost their mother, and their father is trying really hard to be one, but doesn't always succeed at it. RUMOR HAS IT is a guaranteed fun afternoon read!

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