Rumor Has It
By Wendy
May 1, 2010 - 7:04:54 PM

Tilly Cole's live-in boyfriend just abruptly moved out, leaving her a farewell note on the fireplace mantle.  Ready for a change, she impulsively applies for a Girl Friday job in a small town, where her best friend Erin lives.  Tilly gets the job and quickly moves into the house of Max, a divorced gay father, and his daughter, Louisa.  Tilly finds Max's friend Jack desirable and quickly forms a friendship with him.  She craves more but is afraid to get too close to Jack.  She's heard the rumors in town, and she is not about to be another notch in his bedpost.

Erin owns a small resale boutique and is in a happy place in her life.  She is dating a wonderful man named Fergus, who recently separated from his wife Stella.  Things start to go awry when Stella finds out, and she begins to cause havoc for Erin.  Stella didn't want a divorce, she wanted a baby.  She finds Erin's man-stealing ways appalling and will do anything to make sure everyone in the town knows. 

Jack Lucas lost his fiancée in a freak accident a few years ago.  Now he plays the field without any attachments.  Jack doesn't speak about his relationships ever.  He's well-known as the town's playboy.  But Jack has it bad for Tilly, and he believes it is the real thing.  He hasn't felt this way about anyone since his late fiancée, but getting Tilly to believe his feelings are real and sincere will be a challenge.  

Max's ex-wife Kaye, who went to Hollywood to become an actress, has an unfortunate episode that gets bad publicity.  Ruined, she goes back to stay with Max and her daughter until she can figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life.  But a fan is stalking her across the ocean, and she doesn't feel quite safe. 

There is a large cast of characters in RUMOR HAS IT that inter-connect to make the story more intimate to the reader.  The characters are wonderfully written in Jill Mansell's sleek and sexy style that won't disappoint! The pages flow seamlessly as you find yourself taking a ride with all the glitz, glamour and secrets of these marvelous characters all with the same goal; to find true love. 

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