Run to Me
By Brooke Wills
Dec 7, 2003 - 11:14:00 PM

Mac Corbett just wants someone to watch his grandfather who is recovering from a stroke while he runs the family store. He doesn’t approve of Teri Fletcher, the new housekeeper Amos has hired without consulting him. There is something about her that bothers him. Sure, she is a good mother to her daughter, Christie. She certainly has a way with his grandfather, getting him to do his rehab the way no one else can. And there is no doubt she kicks his libido into action. But the woman seems to be keeping just a few too many secrets for Mac’s liking.

Erin Fallon is running away from her powerful, brutal ex-husband who has vowed to track her down and take back their young daughter. She knows he will eventually find them—he has the means—and is terrified of what will happen when he does. Murder is a word that is definitely part of Charles Fallon’s vocabulary.
After fleeing Maine when she discovers she is being followed, finding the temporary job in Arizona seems a blessing. All Erin has to do is remember the new name she has taken, keep her stories and lies straight, and not fall in love with the handsome, available grandson. Much easier said than done!
RUN TO ME is author Lauren Nichols’s latest Silhouette Intimate Moments release. It is a fast-paced, exciting tale that has a courageous heroine and a sexy, masculine hero. With its entertaining plot and underlying romantic tension, this book kept me up way past my bedtime to find out what would happen next. And it was well worth feeling tired the next day!

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