Running From Love

Author: Kathryn Anne Dubois

Publisher: New Concept Publishing

Release Date: June 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Alex Perry is definitely questioning her sanity.  This aspiring photographer has gone from
Philadelphia to Bush, Alaska, after receiving a grant from the Center for Young Artists.  She is there to photograph the wildlife in Alaska, working alongside renowned researcher, Dr. Nicolas 'Hawk' Sheppard.  She does not have a lot of money and comes ill prepared with her Goodwill sleeping bag and hand-me-down pup tent.  She used what money she had to buy film and camera equipment, and soon must rely on Hawk to help her survive in the wilderness.

Hawk is a world-renowned expert in entomology.  He's hypothesized that Alaska has as many microorganisms with potential healing properties as the Amazon forest.  He is a very dedicated man who does not like any surprises; imagine his shock when he sees Alex is not the man that he thought got the grant for this expedition. 


Alex and Hawk are total opposites.  Alex comes from a series of foster homes, and is trying very hard to make something of herself.  She is cautious about opening up to people, because she is hiding from the law and doesn't want to give out to much information about herself.  On the other hand, Hawk, a wealthy biologist, is very cynical when it comes to women.  He views them as occasional one night stands rather than long-term commitments.  Hawk comes off as an arrogant male who thinks Alex is a hindrance rather than an asset to the expedition.  Her lack of experience about the wildlife and the weather grates against his outdoorsy sensibilities.  Will opposites attract, or will the differences be too much to overcome?


When these two people come together, they don't exactly hit it off.  Their differences seem overwhelming, but the basics still apply.  Attraction doesn't discriminate against background, education, or money.  Alex's naivete is a refreshing change for Hawk.   Alex has never met anyone who is quite as self-assured and confident as Hawk. It makes it very easy for her to lean on Hawk's strength and sureness.   If only she could tell him her secrets!


When I first read RUNNING FROM LOVE, I thought that there was no way that Hawk and Alex could find their way to each other.  As I kept reading, I ached for the hardships Alex experienced, but saw her inner strength shine.  She can handle anything that Hawk can dish out quite nicely.  Kathryn Anne Dubois has created characters who are imperfect, but who wants to read perfection.  It would be nowhere near as interesting as this book is.  I would recommend RUNNING FROM LOVE to anyone who loves a romance about two people from different walks of life, overcoming obstacles and their troubled pasts to find each other against the wild backdrop of Alaska .

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ann

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