Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife
By Natasha Smith
Jul 29, 2008 - 1:51:21 PM

Cormac Douglas is a successful businessman.  Money, women, cars - he is able to have them all. The one thing he does not have, nor does he want, is a wife.  Content to use what he needs for his own reasons, Cormac is dismayed that he could lose a multi-million dollar business deal because of his single status.  That problem is easily solved in his eyes – all he has to do is convince his secretary, Lizzie Chandler, to pose as his wife for the weekend.  After all, getting what he wants is what Cormac does best.

Lizzie Chandler is unable to believe what she is hearing.  Cormac, her sexy but ruthless boss, wants her to pose as his wife for the weekend so that he can land a huge business contract.  Lizzie finds herself angry and upset but unable to refuse Cormac’s special type of persuasion.


I really enjoy the ruthless boss/virginal-yet-sexy secretary scenario like what Kate Hewitt utilizes in RUTHLESS BOSS, HIRED WIFE.  Alpha to the core, Cormac is focused on his needs and his business.  He sees nothing wrong with using another person for his own personal gain.  While Lizzie is shy and quiet, she isn’t a doormat and I think her love for Cormac made him redeemable in my eyes.


Passionate and emotional, RUTHLESS BOSS, HIRED WIFE is a great addition to any library.  The plot is entertaining and the characters are realistic.  Grab a drink and sit in your favorite chair, RUTHLESS BOSS, HIRED WIFE is a likeable relaxing read.



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