By Sherri Myers
Dec 1, 2005 - 9:41:00 AM

The SAHM I Am email loop is comprised of stay-at-home moms of various races, religions, and ages who share the good times as well as support each other through the bad.  Supermom Rosalyn Ebberly is the moderator of the group, providing tips and discussion topics each week on how to run the perfect home.  When her sister tries to join the group, Rosalyn feels threatened since Veronica knows the truth about her not-so-perfect life.

Dulcie Huckleberry rarely ever sees her workaholic hubby and is tired of raising her kids alone.  Can she convince him he needs to spend more time at home instead of at the office?


Zelia Muzuwa is all for letting a kid be a kid, until the kids begin taking over the house and driving her crazy.  Can she get the kids under control, and her husband to cut her a break?


Soccer-mom Jocelyn Millard's life comes to a screeching halt when her son begins having problems with his legs.  Can this active little boy be helped when it is more serious than they thought?


Brenna Lindberg's husband wants a baby of his own, instead of just raising his wife's child from a teenage pregnancy.  When he is found to be sterile, can he accept the situation and agree to adoption of another child instead?


Pastor's wife Phyllis Lorimer's past has come back to haunt her.  Where will they go live when the truth is uncovered and her husband is fired from his pastor job?


These women, while raising children and keeping their homes, uplift and encourage each other, cheering and crying right along with their friends.  SAHM I AM: WHERE STAY-AT-HOME MOMS CONNECT, the title of this book, explains it all.


Meredith Efken has written a new style of novel by using email postings to bring readers a story of friendship, faith, and forgiveness.  Chick-lit fans who are also moms and wives will no doubt laugh along with the antics of the kids and cry with the frustrations the husbands cause these poor women.  Readers will be given insight into the lives of stay-at-home moms, and come away with a new appreciation for what these hard-working women deal with on a daily basis.

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