Bachelor Bid

Author: Stephanie-Anne Street

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: December 14, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Benedict’s lovely plans for a weekend full of wine, food, and pampering, as promised by his mother, is completely blown when he discovers her ulterior motive for insisting that he visit for the weekend.  To his horror he discovers that she’s volunteered him to participate in ‘Hicksville Bachelors’ Ball and to make matters even worse, he’s the bachelor with top billing.  The women remind him of sharks circling for the kill and panic is imminent.  There’s only one thing to do - enlist the aid of the only sane looking woman present to purchase him.

Single mom Rosy has helped organize the ball for the past three years and has decided that this is definitely her last.  She doesn’t need or want attention drawn to her but she’s having a very difficult time denying Benedict the aid he desperately needs.  He’s even given her a check for five-thousand dollars to cover her bid.  She’s already been the object of public speculation because of her husband’s leaving and everyone knows she lives from paycheck to paycheck.  Bidding on a bachelor will definitely create quite a stir in the little community.


Rosy’s fears of all the attention she’ll receive if she bids is quickly swept away with the excitement attributed to the event. Caught up in outbidding ‘Ms. Nympho Pennington’ Rosy refuses to back down and with a surge of adrenaline she opens her mouth and bids twice the amount of the check he’d handed her.  Shocked by her own audacity, she’s worried about how he’ll feel about her spending five thousand dollars without his permission.  A more immediate concern however is the simple fact that she has to go on stage and horror of all horrors be kissed by the bachelor in question.  Not a simple peck on the cheek kind of kiss either.  It’s a lock that leaves her weak in the knees.  What she doesn’t realize is that it has a dynamic effect on him as well. 


Benedict didn’t really have any interest in Rosy, but as he listens to the comments of others in the community he finds himself curiously drawn to her.  His ‘sparrow’ has guts if she’s willing to remain in a community where people obviously thought so little of her.  Can the city smart bigwig find love in Hicksville with a single mom? 


Stephanie-Anne Street treats readers to a laugh out loud romping good time with her release BACHELOR BID.  This story has it all - humor, romance, and plenty of emotional situations will have readers eagerly reading this book to find out what happens next.  Rosy’s kids add a wonderful dimension to the plot and they simply charmed their way into my heart. The scorching on stage kiss that Benedict and Rosy share is just the beginning of their courtship song and dance. Believe me if you enjoy fun family oriented storylines with a little spice added then this one’s for you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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