Love Lies Waiting
By Suzie Housley
May 27, 2011 - 3:14:21 AM

Lexi Gentry's life changed drastically from when she last visited her hometown of Conway, Kentucky.  After high school, she moved to New York and became a famous horror novelist who now works for a top notch publishing company.  This year marks her twentieth
high school reunion; her principle insisted with her now being a famous person, that she come back to her reunion and do the honor of opening a time capsule her class her remove her buried on their last day of school. 

In high school, Lexi had never fit in with her classmates; there was only one person who took the time to befriend her, Nathan McKinley.  She knew that coming back home to see her classmates would be an experience that she hoped would pass quickly.  She knew she had obligations in New York that needed her attention.


As Lexi gives out the time capsule letters that were writtenshe comes down to the last envelope which has Nathan McKinley's name on it.  Her knees begin to buckle, as a man approaches her podium.  She finds that she barely recognizes Nathan.  Gone are his braces and short hair cut; it has been replaced by longer hair, a fitter physique, and an eye patch that covers his left eye.


She learns that Nathan lost the sight of his eye in an explosion in the Gulf War.  The scars that mar the left side of his face are evidence of the horror he has suffered.  She is surprised, that the short encounter with Nathan leaves her with wanting to revisit him once more.


As she stands at the airport waiting for her flight, she makes a snap decision to go back and see Nathan once more.  As she stands outside his home, she questions whether her decision is the right one, but as he opens the door she sees the shock and then the acceptance in his lone eye. 

Will Lexi and Nathan be able to revisit their past and uncover the feelings both of them thought long buried?  Or will Lexi turn her back on Nathan, and return to her glittery New York lifestyle?


LOVE LIES AWAITING is an exceptional novel.  I highly recommend it to any true blue romance reader who enjoys a heartfelt romance.  There is no way that you cannot fall in love with Lexi and Nathan.  How the author is able to create such realistic characters is a testament to her talent as an author.  I was so impressed with this book that I found myself reading it in one sitting.  After I finished, I was saddened that it had went so quickly but I know with the talent has Stephanie Bennett shown in this one book, there is no way this author cannot write another award winning novel

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