Theirs to Cherish (Wicked Lovers, Book 8)
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 2, 2014 - 1:56:37 PM

Callie Ward has spent years running from the past yet never fully able to escape the horrific murder that has her constantly looking over her shoulder; just waiting for her identity to be discovered.  Within the walls of Club Dominion she’s found a safe haven – as long as she’s able to keep her emotions in check.  However, with the strong feelings she’s developed for the club’s master, Mitchell Thorpe, and Sean Kirkpatrick, a Dom she becomes involved with hoping to incite jealousy in Thorpe remaining detached just isn’t possible.

Thorpe doesn’t like Sean at all, but it’s not just because the other man is involved with Callie.  He senses there’s more to the other man’s story than being captivated by Callie, he’s hiding something – and Thorpe’s bound and determined to uncover the truth about Sean.  If Thorpe thinks everything about Sean is fake he’d be wrong, the Irish accent might not be authentic but his love for Callie is 100% real.  What Thorpe doesn’t realize is that Callie has her own share of secrets – ones that will send her running from him and Sean and force the men to join forces if they hope to keep her in their lives.


Callie tries hard to please Sean, but he knows that she always holds part of herself back.  It’s not until his declaration of love that she begins to really panic.  Because of her own past she knows forming lasting ties are not a good idea but there’s also the issue of the questions he’s been asking her – questions that make her decidedly uncomfortable.  She’ll soon discover that Sean is definitely not who he claims to be – and the deception is enough to send her running away from the men she’s come to love.


THEIRS TO CHERISH is a riveting addition to Shayla Black’s WICKED LOVERS series.  Callie possesses an inner strength that calls to the reader and really draws you into her story – especially when the truth about her past starts to be revealed.  Thorpe and Sean’s rivalry is rather humorous at times since they seem to take such great delight in annoying each other, but once they team up they’re a force to be reckoned with – and Callie doesn’t stand a chance.  From the smoldering romance between Callie, Thorpe and Sean right down to the unraveling of the truth behind the murders that sent Callie running from her life many years ago, THEIRS TO CHERISH is absolutely captivating.


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