The Service Club, Book 3 – Operation Mustang
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 21, 2012 - 1:23:29 PM

Mustang Ducote is the proud owner of the Circle M ranch.  She’s respected throughout the community and is quite proud of the fact that she’s managed to control her desires for the Rylon brothers for the past fifteen years.  Unfortunately everything has changed now that two of the Rylon brothers work on her ranch - evading them has become impossible.  It’s not so much that Mustang fears Diek, Gunner and Lucky’s sexual demands; she’s afraid that she’ll lose control of everything.

Diek and Gunner approach seducing Mustang like they would any Navy SEAL mission.  Only there’s no denying it’s the most difficult op they’ve ever attempted.  Now that Diek’s been hired at Circle M they’re going to take their pursuit to the next level.  Unlike Diek and Gunner, Lucky has never been a SEAL but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fully prepared with an arsenal of toys to aid his brothers in corralling the one woman they all love.


Diek, Gunner and Lucky understand why Mustang’s fighting being claimed so hard.  That doesn’t change the fact that she belongs to them and they will prove to her that she can trust them with her heart and body.  The ranch is hers, her body is theirs!  She fails to follow their dictates to attend a meeting of the Service Club, choosing instead to try to avoid them by locking herself in her room and observing the club activities that are happening on her property.  Diek, Gunner and Lucky anticipated just such a reaction to their orders and dare to confront her in her own bedroom – and show her exactly what she’s missing.  Just when Mustang discovers that there’s no shame in it and she won’t lose control of her ranch by loving the Rylon brothers the same strange attacks that have befallen the other women associated with the Service Club men begin happening to her. 


Just when I thought the SERVICE CLUB series can’t possibly get any hotter, it does.  The sexual tension among Diek, Gunner, Lucky and Mustang is scorching hot and the men’s seduction techniques are certainly SEALs worthy.  I love that Mustang is strong enough in her own right to stand up to the Rylon brothers yet soft enough to follow her heart where they’re concerned. Diek and Gunner are very creative when it comes to altering the skills learned as SEALs to suit their purposes while Lucky proves he’s no slouch when it comes to corralling his woman.  In fact, he’s planned and prepared for this moment for quite some time.  Tonya Ramagos makes being bad so very good that I certainly look forward to picking up a copy of the next installment in this series.


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and on October 22, 2012 the fourth book, HANDS ON JUSTICE, is due to be released.


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