SEALed, Book 3 - SEALed with a Ring

Author: Mary Margret Daughtridge

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date: March 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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JJ Caruthers has spent the better part of her life dedicated to the family automobile dealership which she currently manages but all that could come to an end.  Her grandfather has dictated that she has one year to marry or he will begin selling off the business.  Between the charities she supports and the business JJ doesn’t have time to date seriously and certainly isn’t interested in marrying someone who’s only interested in her family’s money – unfortunately she hasn’t yet found an acceptable ‘absentee husband’ and time is running out.

Navy SEAL medic Davy Graziano suffered a traumatic injury while serving his country.  His memory has proven to be troublesome ever since which is a constant worry.  Will he be able to return to the duty he loves or is his military career at an end?  It’s not enough that he’s worried about the state of his own future, with the death of his beloved mother he’s now responsible for his siblings – one of whom is enrolled in an expensive school due to a disability while the other 2 are attending college.  Marriage isn’t even remotely a consideration – until JJ makes him an offer he finds almost impossible to resist.


JJ and Davy first share an encounter at the reception for one of Davy’s teammates.  They didn’t spend much time talking before heading to his room and didn’t even exchange names before parting ways.  Almost a year later, JJ is about to accept a proposal from a man she doesn’t share much in common with just so that she meets her grandfather’s demands but comes to her senses in the nick of time.  Desperate to marry, JJ follows the advice of one of her friends who tells her that if she wants a husband who won’t be around much then she should marry a SEAL.  Fortunately, JJ knows a SEAL and she’s hopeful that he’ll be willing to accept her proposal which closely resembles a business proposition.   What she doesn’t expect is for Davy to come back with a counter offer.  JJ thought she knew exactly what she wanted, but as things heat up between her and Davy they discover that life and love don’t necessarily turn out the way we’d expect.


The third installment in Mary Margret Daughtridge’s SEALed series, SEALed WITH A KISS is poignantly sweet and utterly captivating.   As with the other titles in this series, Ms. Daughtridge does a wonderful job ‘humanizing’ the men who serve as SEALs so that you see their flaws, insecurities, and other aspects of their personality that aren’t so ‘heroic.’  In SEALed WITH A KISS we’re presented with two career driven people who find themselves in troubling positions but through their marriage of convenience find a way to solve their problems and a few unexpected perks along the way.  JJ and Davy share many up and downs and difficulties but they seem to always find a way to overcome them.   Ms. Daughtridge definitely doesn’t skimp on the romantic encounters between JJ and Davy but she focuses more on their emotions and how they react to outside influences. 


If you haven’t read the first two books in the SEALed series then be sure to pick up copies of SEALed WITH A KISS and SEALed WITH A PROMISE.  The titles are all highly enjoyable as stand-alone storylines but you’ll get a better ‘feel’ for this SEAL team and their bond if you read them all.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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